Female Surfers And Appearance

Lately, I’ve seen plenty of Instagram posts showing gorgeous surfer girls looking flawless and stylish in their photos and they got me thinking and questioning if I was doing it right. But there’s an important rule to Instagram: when scrolling through the feed always keep in mind that most of the posts you see are specifically made for Instagram. Many of them are made with the intention to sell and therefore they want to appear as perfect as possible to the eye of an Instagram user, but they don’t necessarily demonstrate the reality.

As you’ve probably already noticed, the reality is usually not as glamorous as Instagram posts. And surfer girls are certainly not an exception. On the contrary! With the impact of natural forces such as salty water, sun and wind, looking put together becomes quite a tough nut to crack. So let’s dive into what you can do to maintain yourself looking good and, above all, comfortable during your surf sesh.

1. Hair

No matter what hairstyle you choose for your surf session, you will most likely end up with messy or tangled hair after spending just a few minutes in the water. That is why you don’t really need to spend much time styling your hair. All you need is a hair tie to make a tight braid or a low ponytail to keep your hair off of your face and to prevent hair damage.

It’s also a good idea to use products (ocean-friendly!) that will protect your hair from the sun and the salt, otherwise after several weeks of constant surfing you could end up with dry frizzy hair and split ends. Coconut oil (or any other oil of your preference) does a great job.

2. Bikini

Wearing bikinis is almost never a good option. They simply move too much and come off too easily. And the bigger the waves, the harder it is to keep your bikinis on! 

If it’s really hot outside, I recommend getting either a one-piece swimsuit, or a high-waisted bottom with a top that at has a sports bra look. Any other type of bikinis have always let me down so far by distracting me from surfing itself and exposing my intimate parts to fellow surfers (you’re welcome).

Suits and lycras made specifically for surfing are the best investment you can make. They have a UV protection and they guarantee you a session without any distractions and discomfort.

3. Accessories

Bracelets, necklaces, earrings,… Jewels make every woman feel and look more feminine and put together. However, the ocean is a female too and she likes to take those beautiful jewels away from us which is why it’s better keep them safe at home! She’s already stolen my most favorite pair of earrings and a few bracelets. 

Make sure that the accessories you wear in the water are able to resist the power of the waves. If it’s easy to take your accessory off outside of the water, the chances of it falling off when you are in the water are pretty high. And of course you don’t want to pollute the ocean with your pretty little things.

4. Make-up

For your own comfort it’s better not to wear any make-up when surfing. And more importantly you don’t need it. No woman does.

If you have some skin problems (e. g. acne), it can take a lot of courage to get out of the house without covering up the spots on your face (speaking from my own experience). So why not take your surf session as a self love practice? Learn to embrace your natural beauty, let go of your fear! I wish I had done this years ago but instead I spent way too much time worrying about my face while no one ever gave a damn about a single one of my pimples.

SUPER TIP: Get a good sunscreen that will cover up some of your blemishes while protecting your face from the sun. They come in a variety of colors so you can give your face a playful funky touch. Another option is a zinc sunblock whose color resembles make-up the most. Don’t forget to make sure your cream doesn’t contain any chemicals to protect the ocean’s ecosystem.

5. Glasses/contact lenses

Do you have a problem with your eyesight and need to wear glasses or contact lenses? This is something that can truly complicate your surfing. 

I had many chances to learn surfing several years ago but having a truly bad eyesight, it just didn’t seem realistic. For obvious reasons glasses weren’t and option, and at that time I only used 60-day contact lenses as they were the most economical option so I was afraid of losing them while surfing. And without lenses I just wouldn’t see the waves coming (no joke!).

If your eyesight is as bad as mine, there are two options. One – you can get one-day contact lenses for your surf sessions so you don’t need to worry about losing them in the water since you use a new pair every day. Two – you can get a laser surgery. Which is what I did. If you plan to be in the water all the time, this is the best and the most comfortable solution.


The line up is not a fashion show and it’s much more comfortable to keep your overall appearance as minimalist as possible. You can still let others know that you have a good eye for esthetics with your surfwear or your surfboard. 

Surfing has a magical power of connecting you with yourself and the nature. You can use this power to your advantage and discover a completely different perspective on life. It almost sounds unreal, doesn’t it? But let’s leave this topic for next time, shall we?


Do you have a story of you having some troubles with your looks/outfit when surfing? We’d love to hear it!

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