5 Reusable Products You Need in Your Life

We are drowning in plastic. That’s a fact that all of us know by now as plastic pollution is becoming a bigger and bigger issue every day. We’ve only been using plastic bottles for 70 years and during this period of time we’ve already managed to flood our planet – our home – with an insane amount of plastic waste that takes from 450 to 1,000 years to decompose. 

So what can we do to reduce our waste production? Here are the TOP 5 products that willmake both, you and the planet, happier:

1) Reusable water bottle

Choose from glass, reusable plastic, or stainless steel bottles. I always prefer stainless steel since it keeps my water cold for hours! Fill your bottle up at home and bring it everywhere with you to avoid buying plastic bottles every day. 

Now let’s make the count. The average human should drink 2 litres of water per day. Let’s assume you buy a 2L water bottle every day at the supermarket. That means you use 365 bottles per year. That is 3,650 bottles that end up in your trash in 10 years! In 50 years YOU (ONE ONLY HUMAN BEING) pollute the Earth with 18,250 bottles! 

We are getting to near 8 billion people living on Earth… Let’s stop counting and get a reusable bottle. NOW!


2) Shopping bags

Plastic bags in supermarkets have finally slowly started to disappear and they are often substitute with paper bags nowadays. So each time you go shopping you are choosing between plastic pollution and deforestation. 

Why? You can get a stylish canvas tote bags, fruit sacks, bread bags. If you are creative, you can also design your own bag. You protect the ocean and the forrest each time you bring your bags with you.


3) Tuppers

Tuppers, tuppers, tuppers. Stop covering your plates with aluminium foil and plastic wraps. Neither of those two are good for you, nor for the environment! Get your set of tuppers instead – small, medium, large, extra large. For cold food you can use plastic tuppers, however, if you are going to store hot food or heat it up in the microwave, you should opt for glass ones as plastic can release chemicals when it gets heated up.

Leave some tuppers at work, in your car, and/or in your bag for leftovers and take-aways.

TIP: Don’t want to invest in a tupper yet? Reuse the jars you’ve already bought!



4) Menstrual Cup

This one is for the ladies. I discovered this magical cup a few years ago and, as most women, I was a bit sceptical about it at first. It took me a while to figure it out and make it work perfectly for me but once I did, I never thought of using tampons ever again. So don’t give up if you have some issues at the beginning (e. g. leakage), it takes some practise.

You are not just avoiding the use of single-use products but you are doing your body a favor! Apart from being the cause of toxic shock, tampons also consist of several unknown chemical ingredients that could be dangerous for you and increase the risk of a bacterial infection. 

The average woman has 450 periods during her lifetime. That’s a great amount of tampons and pads thrown away, isn’t it? 

You can use one menstrual cup for up to 10 years. Just make sure to clean it well before and after your period. 

ADVANTAGE? You can finally enjoy vacation and pool time without any worries!


5) Eco-Friendly Cosmetic

 The cosmetic industry is one of the biggest polluters nowadays. Shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, body lotions, facial creams, and who knows what else! They all qualify as single use plastics.

There’s been a BOOM with cosmetic products’ refill stations. And I absolutely love that concept! You come with your own container and you have it filled up for you with the product. I mean genius, right?

If this is not an option where you live, you can also opt for soaps. Most of the daily useproducts can be found in the form of a soap so why buy a bottle over and over again?

ADVICE: Don’t forget to add a bamboo toothbrush to your bathroom collection of eco-friendly products. I have also recently discovered a reusable razor (zero plastic) so I’m ordering one ASAP!



Are you already using any of the above items? Or do you have any other personal favorites?Let us know in the comments! We appreciate you sharing your experience and tips with us!


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