The story behind our project

The idea of The Unknown Surfer came completely out of blue to its founder Pierre. It was in May of 2019 when he woke up one morning with a vision of going to France and creating an online portal for surfers and photographers. He ended up spending 6 months in Hossegor, France developing the concept before moving back to Peru and transforming it into reality.


The definition of our business name

Each session is different and has its own hero; the one surfer that stands out and makes everyone ask themselves: “Who is (s)he?“. They are the unknown surfer. And we all have been or will be the unknown surfer at some point without even realizing it - no matter the age, gender, or skills.


The hidden meaning

The Unknown Surfer is a throwback to the counterculture that surfing once was. We share a true appreciation for rebels, dawn patrols and style.

It's a space where sponsors have no saying in any decision made.

Artist profile

Artist profile

Artist profile

Artist profile

The Purpose

Our mission is to UNITE.

Our vision is to HELP.

  • We bring together people who are passionate about surfing; whether they are athletes, photographers, or artists.
  • We expose unknown talents and help them get noticed.
  • We show the beauty and conditions of a variety of surf spots through our online cameras.
  • We connect surfers and photographers at different locations.
  • We raise money for our benefit projects to help individuals and the community.
  • We share our opinion and we are eager to hear yours as well!
  • We offer advertising space for local businesses.
  • We embrace spirituality as a solution to most problems of the modern world.
  • We stand for protecting our mother nature.

The Team



Pierre is a passionate traveler and adventurer. Surfing forms a major part of his life and his goal is to improve his hometown and support talented Peruvian surfers.




Creative Director

Markéta is a citizen of the world and a peaceful vegan. She’s seen a great part of the globe and decided to walk the path of spirituality. She loves the act of creation and making everything around her more beautiful. 



Andrés is a professional mind surfer and an accurate word wizard trying to take one day at a time. He’s on a mission to rescue surfing from becoming a meaningless manifestation of pop culture. His goal is to shed some light on the actual issues and to prevail the real surf culture.